House Pressure Washing in Charlotte NC

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Residential Pressure Washing
The overall curb appeal of your home may be a matter of pride or matter of necessity when you put it on the market. Whatever your reason may be, we take pressure washing seriously. We understand that your home is your biggest investment, and there is no room for error. Each of our team members has over 10 years of experience; we don’t use subcontractors. This is imperative when performing something delicate like pressure washing service.
Many homeowners have tried and discovered exactly why leaving pressure washing to the professionals is a must. The equipment and technique require a great deal of finesse, or damage can easily be done to the home. Spraying your exterior walls with pressure washing equipment is not like using a garden hose. The wrong angle or wrong amount of pressure can remove large sections of paint in the blink of an eye. This is a costly mistake.

With decades of experience under our belts, we can ensure the job will be done perfectly to restore your unique Charlotte home. Our pressure washing service extends to your driveway and sidewalks, too.

Commercial Pressure Washing

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If you own a commercial property like an apartment complex, you want to keep current tenants happy and prospective renters interested. Large scale Charlotte properties are no problem for us. Our team at AJ Garcia Painting will work together to eliminate the buildup of dirt so that your colors underneath can shine through. Your property will be refreshed by pressure washing and more appealing to tenants and clients.

Don’t ignore the cleanliness of your exterior surfaces in Charlotte NC. Living close to the ocean, many of our buildings can be affected by the moisture in the air. Pressure washing is a great way to prevent mold growth and eliminate dirt and stains.We provide free estimates for our pressure washing service, as well as all of our other services.

After pressure washing, you may discover you don’t like the color underneath. Don’t worry! AJ Gacia Painting exterior painting services can keep the transformation going. Cleaning the surface of your walls is always our first step in a painting project, so you’re already on the path to a complete face lift. We also offer interior painting and floor coating to complete the look.

Our long-experienced team members are experts in their field. They can make repairs to your freshly pressure washed driveway and sidewalks with special sealants. Your Utica home or commercial property can look like new and it all starts with pressure washing.
Contact us today for a free estimate on our pressure washing service. If your property needs pressure washing in Charlotte, Rock Hill, Concord, Huntersville, Matthews or the surrounding area, call us now at: