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Great Interior Painting Starts With The Prep

Preparation work is 75% of any interior paint job, and we take great pride in doing it right.  One of the biggest parts of interior painting is the preparation. If these steps aren’t followed properly, mishaps will occur. Our Charlotte interior painters learn early that the key to a successful interior paint job is the preparation. Properly preparing a room for painting allows for easy clean up and a more professional look in the end.
AJ Garcia Painting offers a wide range of ideas and colors for the interior painting of your Charlotte home.
Whether it is coming in to paint one room or an entire home, all of our jobs are viewed in the same manner, an investment in our future and our customers complete satisfaction.

Preparation Steps For Interior Painting

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  • Large furniture is moved into the center of the room.
  • Wall and ceiling fixture are removed.
  • Floors are covered with drop cloths.
  • Walls are sanded and scuffed.
  • Any damages, such as holes are caulked with only the finest materials
  • Painting is completed only using the finest paints available
  • Repaired areas are primed.
  • Furniture is moved back to original positions.
  • Wall and ceiling fixtures are replaced.
  • Floors and carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and swept.
  • All garbage is removed.

Our Interior Painting Provides These Detailed Services

  • Interior Painting
  • House Painting
  • Bedroom Painting
  • Bathroom Painting
  • Painting Ideas
  • Office Painting
  • Faux Painting
  • Color Consultation
  • Kitchen Painting
  • Trim Painting
  • Color Matching
  • Residential Painting