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Why Are We The Best Painting Contractor In Charlotte, NC

For most people, painting seems like a relatively simple task – one that we can easily do ourselves – and save money. Yet once you start painting, you often find that you need to sand or prime first, the window treatments are a bear, it ends up taking much more time than expected, and you notice all the little splatters and mistakes. Not as easy as it first appeared! Next time you are thinking about painting, consider hiring the professionals at AJ Garcia Painting. We will have it done quickly and professionally.

Professional Painting Contractors:
As professional painting contractors, we charge reasonable prices – and for a good reason – we are experts in paint, application, preparation, and finishing. We often complete a painting project in half the time of most people, and produce a gorgeous and expert finish that looks great as well as lasts longer.

If you are thinking of painting the inside or outside of your house, or have other painting needs, take time to check out our website – and at least get an estimate from us. AJ Painting can often look at your house, interior or exterior, and make suggestions on color, texturing, and new design finishes that you may not have thought of (or that are new on the market). We can also suggest the best and longest lasting type of paint to use based on your lifestyle.

Great experience with AJ Garcia Painting for
both an interior and extensive exterior painting
project. Professional crew did wonderful work,
and everything came in "on time" and "within
budget." 5-Stars. Highly recommended.
- Bill D.
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What AJ Garcia Painting Does

We specialize in both residential and commercial painting in Charlotte

Why Choose Us?

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Quality Workmanship

We take great pride in our work, ensuring that every job we do meets our standards of excellence.
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Free Estimates

We offer free on-site estimates and carefully review the details of each job with our clients.
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Licensed & Insured

We take our profession seriously and are fully licensed and insured for the safety of our team and customers.
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Competitive Pricing

We offer the best work at the best prices on jobs big and small. You won’t find a better painting company in the area!

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